Top 5 Biggest Branding Mistakes

The modern marketplace is over saturated with millions of companies. Never before has it been so important to ensure your brand is effective and communicates the right messages to your target audience. The following 5 branding mistakes are just the tip of the iceberg, any professional branding agency will be able to guide you through the pitfalls of the branding process. However, it pays to be aware of these mistakes so you can help guide your brand to success.

1. Inconsistent corporate identity
Your corporate identity relies on consistency. From your company logo, to sub branding, corporate stationery, through to your website and any other marketing material, the brand, brand name, colour schemes etc should all be consistent. Inconsistency in your identity causes confusion amongst existing and potential customers. Your customer must hear and see your name, logo, tag line and colours consistently over and over in many different ways before you are imprinted on your customer’s mind map.

2. Trying to be all things to all people
Successful brands have a specific target audience. Unless you run a large umbrella company, your brand should be specific. Trying to target too wide an audience means your brand is likely to find no audience at all.

3. Failing to differentiate
What makes your company stand out from your competitors? This is the essential attribute you should look to your brand to encompass. It is essential you differentiate your brand from the competition. Merely fitting in with the market means your brand is never likely to exceed its current market share. Utilising the expertise of a top branding agency will help to identify your integral USP.

4. Not understanding your customers
Without understanding your clients wants and needs, you cannot hope to have a successful brand. Every aspect of the brand should be tailored with a specific client base in mind. What do your customers want and how can you communicate that through your brand? Solving this question will automatically give your brand an advantage over the competition.

5. Restricting potential growth
Speaking of a short-term view on things, you shouldn’t build your brand around what you’re doing now…it should reflect where you want your company to be several years from now. If you wish to allow your existing brand the flexibility to grow and expand, but don’t want a large switch in your branding, it is advisable to enlist rebranding services. This will allow you to evolve the brand without throwing away positive attributes the brand has built up in the past.

Branding as a whole, is an intricate, complicated and ultimately rewarding project to undertake. However, the consequences of getting it wrong are potentially very damaging. It pays to get a professional branding agency to help with the facilitation of a new brand, ensuring your company has the ability to reach and exceed its future goals.

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